Enviro-Clear provides land clearing services to commercial and residential clients throughout Texas and surrounding states. Commercially specializing in right-of-way clearing, seismic line clearing, and electrical utility line clearing for pipeline companies, fiberoptic companies, electrical and utility companies. When you choose Enviro-Clear, you can rest assured that you made the right choice.

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    Machinery equipped with GPS technology

Machinery is capable of cutting and chipping standing or fallen trees and vegetation up to 8 inches in diameter. All material is chipped into mulch, with stumps being cut at ground level-enabling any rubber tired machinery to be used immediately for site maintenance by the land owner.

The Advantages are Clear

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Machinery blades never actually make contact with the ground or roots of vegetation, with natural integrity remaining intact. Soil compaction is less than 3.5 pounds per square inch, which is less than the average human foot print.

By contrast, soil compaction of a normal bull-dozer often results in more than 20% mortality for trees adjacent to work area.

Enviro-Clear, using forestry mulching equipment enables the client to selectively remove specific trees and brush. More traditional methods of land clearing often result in numerous problems for the land-owner, including the expense of costly material haul-off, unsafe site burns, and possible damage to surrounding vegetation root systems.